Den neste Tyske

Since we got some guests and forumists from other countries, we ought to have an international chat here. English is the main language, so fellow truckers and truckfans, the word is yours!

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Den neste Tyske

Innlegg Chris_HB » Tir Jan 27, 2009 15:39

Hello and god dag. I´m near 41 years old and I live at Bremen, Tyskland. For a few yeras I drive at two companies from Norge. At this time I find my love to this phantastic country. You can be proud to your land!
The first company wasn´t good, i say only this company was from Moss :banne: A few time later I drive for Villiam Transport from Arendal. That was a good time, I miss it.
No I´m a dispatcher at Bremen. We drive Vindturbiner in Europe, speciall to Sweden.
At the next time I´ll learn Norwegian so that I can write in Norwegian!
Best wishes from Tyskland,
The street of life is yours! And you are the hero!
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Registrert: Tir Jan 27, 2009 15:25
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Innlegg Rubber Duck » Tir Jan 27, 2009 17:01

Welcome to Bergli Truckstop Chris! :D
Hope you enjoy the forum, and feel free to post pictures from your trucking days if you got some.
Man skal ikke plage andre. Man skal være grei og snill. Og for øvrig kan man gjøre hva man vil.
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Rubber Duck
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