Another user from northern Tyskland.

Since we got some guests and forumists from other countries, we ought to have an international chat here. English is the main language, so fellow truckers and truckfans, the word is yours!

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Another user from northern Tyskland.

Innlegg T580 V8 » Lør Mai 02, 2009 16:24

God dag everybody! :)

My name is Marc and I'm still 17 years "young". My hometown is Weyhe, nearby Bremen in Germany. My main interests are scale-modelbuilding (Scania T580 Topline 6x2 with full airsuspension in scale 1:8 ), taking photos of trucks especially from northern europe, also from benelux and sporty acivities as well.
Scania T-models are definitely my favourite sort of lastbiler, I do love them! :D You may recognize this by my avatar, (Elie Bourdiau's) Elytrans Line's T500 Topline. In my opinion it's just an amazing Scania V8. It has also a great sound.
I've been to Sweden a few times by truck(mostly up to Falun to pick up timber). A friend of mine has got about 10 lorrys and they just ride up and down from Sweden or Norway to Benelux.

That's it, I think. If you've got questions just write it down. Hopefully I can improve my norwegian by the time. There are so many discussions and interesting threads, but I can't understand it at all. :sad:
Best regards: Marc

Comments in English, please. Thanks!
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Innlegg tgx_slayer » Lør Mai 02, 2009 16:41

welcome :D
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Innlegg Pettern84 » Lør Mai 02, 2009 16:47

Welcome Marc :)
Finner meg langs Østerdalen.......
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Innlegg lastebildude » Lør Mai 02, 2009 16:54

welcome :)
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