Sjåførklubben i Tyskland

Flere har etablert og er medlemmer i lokale sjåførklubber, og her vil kan alle som har startet eller ønsker å starte sjåførklubb mulighet til å presentere sin sjåførklubb. Bare innloggede medlemmer har tilgang til å lese i denne tråden.

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Sjåførklubben i Tyskland

Innlegg DONCAR » Tor Okt 06, 2011 07:56


Min navn er Ingo og jeg kommer fra Tyskland.Siden en halv år har ve nå også Sjåførklubben hos os.
Min idee derfra har jeg også fra dere.her er hjemmesidene:
Ve har nå startet en aktion for mer sikkerhet i lastbiler med en bref til EU-Kommission.


Königslutter, 19.09.2011

European Commission,
BU25 02/095

B-1049 Brussels

eCall in trucks

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

We, the motorist club Germany, KCD eV, an association of and for drivers who are actively committed to a better image of the profession in Germany and the EU.
But we want to contribute to the working conditions and the often very poor living conditions to improve for the driver in his truck.

In March this year, a German colleague, died in Oslo at a gas station in his truck while was on break on a heart attack.
It is an unwritten law that colleagues, who have drawn their curtains are left alone. So it was here. Only when the driver would already have to drive to the ferry, two other colleagues were aware. They alerted then the police, as the colleague did not respond them knocking at his cab.
Four hours before he drank coffee with them and wanted to spend only two hours rest .
The wife of one of our driver came for that reason already at 13.03.2011, with the idea to equip all trucks with a emergancy button. This would give the driver maybe the chance to make other’s aware and he might survive.
This idea we wanted to reach out to all the leading truck manufacturers in Europe.
It has become known through the media that you, the EU Commission, have also addressed this topic, but only for cars and light trucks, see ... 94128.html
The average car driver is driving in the morning a few miles to work and back in the evening. On weekends it is maybe time for a short trip and once or twice a year, they go on holidays.
The average truck driver is using the truck for a few hundred kilometers a day on the roads and stays in the truck for overnight.
Often the driver will then park on parking spaces away from any urban life an the lack of parking spaces is another problem.
The average age of drivers in recent years has increased rapidly. Still growing! Then there are the typical for the profession more difficult, working conditions, such as scheduling problems, continuous noise, high concentration while driving, irregular sleeping hours, irregular meals, etc.
Because of this trend remain diseases such as sudden heart attack or stroke as regular for drivers.
For this there are plenty of examples of how Press the report to knowsee ... f4854.html
a truck in the eCall would surely have saved many lives.
Furthermore, in recent years in attacks on Europe trucks increased sharply, see http://content.stuttgarter-nachrichten. ... icle_print

For these reasons, we If you think about eCall and take decisions in this context, do not forget about our profession
propose:!.We also propose that the truck is in addition to operating the emergancy button a visual and an audible signal
this would Helpers may give the location of the truck and in case of an attack on a truck, such signals would also act as a deterrent and make other colleagues aware.

The Motorist Club Germany eV force the idea of the installation of eCall emergancy buttons in trucks for nessessary, especially since the cost is very low.We also are happy to offering offering help in the implementation. For who should know better, where one should be installed eCall, as the drivers themselves:
A PERSON IN truck!

Ingo Schulze,
Motorist Club Germany eV

Unnskylt, men min norsk er ikke hele korrekt. Jeg har det skriver uten ortbook.

Med venlig hilsen
Ingo Schulze
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