Who knows Hallingby?

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Who knows Hallingby?

Innlegg rendeer » Tor Mai 28, 2009 16:55

Hi to every Norwegian and Non-Norwegian!
First I have to apologize to you because I am not a trucker but a tourist from Tyskland after her third visit to Norway.
As a gift to help get my apology on the way I have these two pics of the car I drive:

Since I`ve driven cars all over the world already including the States, Australia and Africa I might be able to consider myself in the transport business - in a certain way at least. ;) :rødme:

Here is the question especially to the Norwegians amongst you but also to those who know Norway and take a good look at details:

Hallingby, E16; there is a Kro with a gas-station og a small grassy area with an old-style norwegian fence around it where people can let their dogs run freely and do what dogs do from time to time. I`ve never seen anything like this anywhere in the world I know. It is so cute...
I`ve passed this place twice and failed to take a pic. The Kro may be Kro E68 but I`m not sure. They have a sign there reading Hundloften or something. Unfortunately I don`t have Norwegian.
This might be it:

Please can anyone confirm this? And may be anyone can take a pic of this little dog area next time he or she passes Hallingby on the E16 (preferably with the sign I`ve mentioned )?

I look forward to any answers.


rendeer :D
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Innlegg nils2 » Tor Mai 28, 2009 23:03

It looks like you describe the same place as the one you linked to. Unfortunately i never pass that place, but i am shure some of us does an might be able to post a picture.

Så hvis noen passerer Hallingby hadde det vel kanskje vært snart gjort å få lagt ut et bilde?
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Innlegg rendeer » Fre Mai 29, 2009 14:25

Hi nils2,
mange takk for your reply :) . Somebody certainly passes this Kro frequently because it is just north of Hoenefoss and the E 16 is a major route north. So I`m quite confident. That is why I post on this trucker forum I stumbled upon while searching for anything on the net about the place.

Would you care to correct my attempt at Norwegian, please? Is it hundloften or hunde loep or some such thing? :rødme:
Or was it loftegarden - the "a" in garden without the little circle above it...


Sist endret av rendeer den Fre Mai 29, 2009 15:26, endret 1 gang
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Innlegg adri » Fre Mai 29, 2009 14:52

"Hundeluften" maybe?
I haven't been there, but that seems to me to make sense.
Counting all the assholes in the room. Well I'm definitely not alone.

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Innlegg rendeer » Fre Mai 29, 2009 15:34

So strange - I`ve passed this place twice in my life, only twice because I turned for Gol and the Hemsedal on my way into Norway in May.
On the way back to Oslo I took the E 16 via Fagernes and thus passed Hallingby, but then I saw the sign indicating the garden from its back and thus didn`t see what it said exactly.
The first time was at least 6 years ago and I only remember that there is such a nice courtesy to the Kros customers.

"Luften"? Yes may be. It sounds like you would like to air your dog . Presumably.


rendeer :flire:
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