Hello from Polenglish driver :)

Since we got some guests and forumists from other countries, we ought to have an international chat here. English is the main language, so fellow truckers and truckfans, the word is yours!

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Hello from Polenglish driver :)

Innlegg Gregorezzi » Tor Jan 10, 2013 19:40

My name is Greg

Just wanted to say Hello to all users of this forum.
I come from Poland originally but have been assimilated in the UK for the past 8 years.

This is my very first post in this forum but the next ones I will be trying to write in norwegian as I decided to learn this language :-) really enjoy especially "Kranbiler" topic as I come from lifting transportation background.

I have the passion for crane trucks and would love to move to Norway one day and assimilate with Norwegians :-)

All the best to everyone!
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